Skylar's gone; life is fair

Several things:

1) OK, I didn't actually see tonight's "American Idol" results show. I was watching a swimming lesson.

2) It was, however, a fine lesson. Near the end, everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Lon.

3) Lon was very pleased with this. He had only had four previous birthdays and during one of them (the first), he slept through half of the party.

4) Lon was NOT named after horror-film star Lon Chaney. Any implication that he was only reflects immaturity on my part.

5) I was, however, satisfied to hear that Skylar Laine was ousted tonight. I have nothing against her, but she doesn't match a field that includes the awesome Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez. Volume is a worthy skill for a singer, but for Skylar it seems to be her only weapon. Cute and powerful, she compares to Diana DeGarmo, the long-ago runner-up; now, however, the competition is much better.

6) No, I'm not happy to hear Hollie Cavanagh was with her in the bottom two. She had a great night Wednesday, but was plunked into the bottom yet again.

7) Lon's birthday is being spread into a multi-day spectacle. When you're 5, such things are important.