"SNL" flounders again

Apparently, it doesn't suffice to have "Saturday Night Live" book a great host. The show also needs humorous material.

From the moment of Jon Hamm's lame monolog tonight, it was clear that this gifted actor was being stranded. A couple sketches were OK -- a Vincent Price horror special, a take-off on a "CHiPS"-type show; "Weekend Update" and the digital short were excellent, as usual. Mostly, however, there was weak material, with or without Hamm.

The final bit -- a nightclub duo that forever said "Or is it?" -- proved three things:

1) No matter how often you repeat a line, it doesn't turn funny.

2) Kristen Wiig doesn't have to be the only female performing. There are other women on the show. Really; we've seen the credits.

3) It's fortunate that a good episode (hosted by Jane Lynch) will be rerun next week. That gives writers two weeks to think of something humorous for Scarlett Johansson.