TV column for Monday, Jan. 30

8 p.m., CW.

With a new “sweeps” ratings period
starting Thursday, some networks are holding back and CBS has an
all-rerun night. “Gossip Girl” counters with its 100th
episode and (maybe) a wedding.

The bride is Blair, once a ditz, now a
semi-ditz; gthe room is Prince Louis, who is sometimes princely.

Will they wed? Will she flee to nice
Dan or creepy Chuck? We'll see.

Molly,” 9:31 p.m., CBS.

CBS comedies follow a pattern: The main
characters are solid; the others can be downright goofy..

That's clear tonight, as Mike
hesitantly moves in with Molly, putting him alongside her
loose-living mom (Swoosie Kurtz) and sister and the mom's oafish
boyfriend. Others also appear; Rondi Reed and Reno Wilson – as
Mike's mom and his police partner – have been particularly good.

With Jennifer Granholm” debut, 9 p.m., Current; “Rock Center,”
10 p.m., NBC.

In an election year, all the news shows
seem to get extra vigor and extra viewers. That's why the
once-obscure Current chose this time to debut Granholm, in a spot
behind Keith Olbermann. She had two terms as governor of Michigan,
facing problems that soon reached the other states.

Meanwhile, “Rock Center” has Kate
Snow reporting on independent-minded Florida voters. A Harry Smith
report, previously scheduled and postponed, views “re-shoring”:
When costs increased in China, a North Carolina factory re-opened.
Also: Lisa Myers probes lab research involving chimps.

Other choices include:

– “House,” 8 p.m., Fox. A legal
and ethical dilemma appears, when Dr. House needs adult approval for
surgery on a homeless teen. When her mother arrives, things may get
more complicated.

– “How I Met Your Mother,” 8
p.m., CBS. Ted wants to make amends with an old girlfriend he cheated
on. Also, the dapper Barney faces the ultimate fear: If he loses a
bet, he'll have to wear a ducky tie.

– “The Amandas” debut, 8 p.m.,
Style. This Alabama home-organizing business may seem like the
ultimate in Southern belle-dom. Here are six women, mostly young and
attractive; one is Ms. New Orleans and Ms. Louisiana State. They tend
toward heels, even when doing heavy work. And under the surface?
Amanda LeBlanc barrages her employees (and viewers) with
obsessive-compulsive extremes.

– “2 Broke Girls,” 8:30 p.m.,
CBS. Johnny's glamorous girlfriend hires Max and Caroline to make
cupcakes for her art show.

– “Two and a Half Men,” 9 p.m.,
CBS. Walden plans to thoroughly redecorates the beach house.

– “Alcatraz,” 9 p.m., Fox.
Rebecca really doesn't like to help prisoners escape. She tries that
now, though, to keep police from knowing that long-ago crooks have
returned, unchanged after 50 years.

--”Being Human,” 9 p.m., Syfy.
Sally, the ghost, is starting to like the notion of re-incarnation.
And now that Nora is a werewolf, she prepares to share a
transformation night with Josh.

– “Hawaii Five-0,” 10 p.m., CBS.
White (Terry O'Quinn) is back, asking McGarrett to probe a case that
was originally considered suicide.

ALSO: Here's an additional item that only relates to readers in the East Lansing, Mich., area:


– “Not as I Pictured,” 9 a.m. and
3 p.m., WKAR World (digital 23.4). Diagnosed at 48 with a deadly form
of lymphoma, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John Kaplan made
this documentary about his journey. It's a quietly emotional piece
that won second place at the 2010 East Lansing Film Festival.