TV column for Monday, Oct. 15

“Arrow” season-opener, 8 p.m., CW.

It's perilous to be
a good guy on CW. In the “Riverdale” opener, Archie Andrews –
the ultimate hero – confessed to a murder he didn't commit and went
to juvenile detention. In “Black Lightning” and “Arrow,” the
heroes are hounded by police for their vigilante deeds.

Now Oliver has
confessed to being Green Arrow. As the season starts, he's spent five
months in prison, trying to keep a low profile; that isn't easy, with
old enemies nearby. On the outside, some people (Diggle and Dinah)
have abandoned their costumes behind; others haven't.

“The Neighborhood,” 8 p.m., CBS.

Dave (Max
Greenfield), the overeager type, really wants to give his house key
to his neighbor Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer). Calvin, the
undereager type, really doesn't want to reciprocate.

That slender story
isn't much to hang a half-hour on. Still, “Neighborhood” has
enough elements – a good cast and crisp direction – to make a
slight story work. And a “trust fall” gag is worth catching.

ALTERNATIVE: “The Sentence,” 8-9:30 p.m., HBO.

After some chaotic
years, Cindy Valdez Shank had settled in. She was married, with three
young daughters. “We had just bought our first house,” she says
here. “We were growing.”

Then came the
early-morning knock: Six years earlier, her boyfriend was killed and
police had found guns and drugs. Local officials decided she was just
a bystander, but now federal officials invoked laws that charged her
with conspiracy; a 10-year sentence was mandatory. Her brother, Rudy
Valdez, has made this deeply moving, Sundance-winning documentary
about the effect on the people back home.

Other choices

“Bang,” any
time, This drama
starts with a disturbing murder, then jumps ahead to the contrasting
lives of the victim's son (a loner) and daughter (a cop). This is
stylishly filmed and told, but it's a chore to keep up with dialog
that jumps between Welsh (with sub-titles) and English.

“Dancing With the
Stars,” 8-10 p.m., ABC. In a fresh twist, each couple is joined by
someone from the show's past. Among the 10 guests are two former
champions Rashad Jennings and Melissa Rycroft and four runners-up –
Lindsey Stirling, Joey Fatone, Riker Lynch and Amy Purdy.

“The Voice,”
8-10 p.m., NBC. The auditions conclude and the battle rounds begin,
with mentors – Keith Urban, CeeLo Green, Thomas Rhett and Halsey –
preparing singers for their duet duels.

“Happy Together,”
8:30 p.m., CBS. After a dunking disaster, Jake and Claire are urged
to get back in shape. It's an OK concept, spoiled by some clumsy
moments ... and by the fact that these two actors (Damon Wayans Jr.
and Amber Stevens West) look like they're already in great shape.

“Magnum PI,” 9
p.m., CBS. A friend of Higgins hires Magnum to test the security
system for his art. When the guy is found murdered, our hero is the
prime suspect.

“Constantine: The
Legend Continues,” 9 p.m., CW. Four years ago, Matt Ryan starred in
a stylishly filmed series about Constantine, the demon-hunter. It was
cancelled, but then was revived as animated shorts on the CW Seed
site. Now they've been assembled into this special; Ryan heads the
voice cast.

“Manifest,” 10
p.m., NBC. Following a mysterious message, Saanvi meets an attendant
from the flight. She and Ben uncover a secret about the plane.