TV column for Thursday, July 13

“Love Connection,” 9 p.m., Fox.

After lots of easy
matches – bright-eyed young people, looking for love or lust --
here's a challenge: Ramona Singer is 60, famous (“Real Housewives
of New York”) and coming off the angry end of a 23-year marriage.
She's also, her friend Andy Cohen says, “one of the most
controlling people I know.”

Now Cohen – the
show's terrific host – hears reports from three guys she dated.
One, 42, disparages her as too old and “looking like someone's
aunt”; the others are clearly smitten. The result – following an
odd half-hour that includes a magician, a “stalker” and a
flaming-hula-hoop dancer – is great fun.

“Hooten & The Lady” debut, 9 p.m., CW.

Hollywood has taught
us the basics: English people are bright, classy and sometimes quite
helpless; Americans are rude, crude and quite capable. Now this
British production throws them together.

Lady Alex
Lindo-Parker works for a museum, seeking great artifacts; Ulysses
Hooten works for himself, seeking money and alcohol. They collide in
the Amazon rainforest, where she's seeking Percy Fawcett's long-lost
camp. The Anglo-American stereotypes are harmless fun; the native
stereotypes are not. Many other things here are blunt and inept ...
yet through it all, “Hooten” is kind of a hoot.


To boost its most
important summer night (from a commercial perspective), NBC has a
transplanted “America's Got Talent.” It's at 8 p.m., with
highlights from the six nights of auditions.

That's followed at 9
by “The Wall,” the high-tech game show, and at 10 by “The Night
Shift.” In Syria, TC joins a daring rescue mission; back in San
Antonio, Drew is overwhelmed as a parent with long work hours. Also,
Jordan and Cain (Mark Consuelos) help a wounded veteran accept his

Other choices

“Penn &
Teller: Fool Us” season-opener, 8 p.m., CMT. This offers bright
summer entertainment, as magicians try to offer tricks that even Penn
and Teller can't figure out. Alyson Hannigan hosts.

“The Big Bang
Theory,” 8 p.m., CBS. This very funny rerun starts with a “Fun
With Flags,” then has a crisis: Amy moved in with Sheldon when her
apartment was under repair; she hasn't told him it's ready.

“Life in Pieces,”
8:31, CBS. This rerun has two strong guest roles: Angela Kinsey (“The
Office”) is a judgmental animal advocate; Molly Shannon (“Saturday
Night Live”) is a private chef Greg and Jen hire for Valentine's

“Battle of the
Network Stars,” 9 p.m., ABC. Are fake lawyers better athletes than
fake politicians? This has actors from White House shows (Marlee
Matlin, Joshua Malina, Mary McCormack, LaMonica Garrett, Cornelius
Smith Jr.) and law shows (Catherine Bell, Corbin Bernsen, Elisabeth
Rohm, Matt McGorry, Romi Dias).

“Nashville,” 9
p.m., CMT, rerunning at 10:01; also, 10 p.m., Nickelodeon. Injuries
from the plane crash plague Juliette. Also, Scarlett and Gunnar shoot
a national commercial; Deacon has a benefit concert.

“Zoo,” 10 p.m.,
CBS. Jamie and Clementine try a risky surgery to save Mitch.
Meanwhile, Abraham and Dariel are tempted to make a deal with Reiden

“The Mist,” 10
p.m., Spike. Desperate to find his family, Kevin reaches a gas
station. In the mall, people have split up – why do they do that in
horror stories? – and his daughter confronts The Mist.