TV column for Tuesday, Aug. 14

“America's Got Talent,” 8-10 p.m., NBC.

The judges have
finished their cuts, delivering 36 acts for viewes to choose from.
For the next three weeks, we'll see 12 acts on a Tuesday and vote; on
a Wednesday, we'll learn which seven advance.

As usual, there are
plenty of individual singers, dancers and magicians ... plus more.
There are two choirs. There are duos that do music, trapeze, comedy
and ballroom-dancing. There's also a cat act, a “danger act,” an
escape artist, a “diablo artist,” an electric violinist and a
singing, dancing accordionist.

“No Passport Required” and “Frontline,” 8-11 p.m., PBS.

Two shows conclude,
each giving us some global perspective. First, Marcus Samuelsson goes
back home ... sort of. He grew up in Sweden and became a chef in
Harlem, but he was born in Ethiopia; tonight, in Washington, D.C., he
samples Ethiopian cooking, dance and spiritual rituals.

Then, from 9-11
p.m., “Frontline” wraps up a two-night, four-hour documentary.
Thomas Erdbrink, a New York Times correspondent, journeys through
Iran, chatting with people.

ALTERNATIVE: “Animal Kingdom,” 9 p.m., TNT, rerunning at 10.

“This family needs
a little fun,” Smurf, he matriarch, says. You think?

She's just out of
jail, her son Pope is out of prison, the others are in and out of
trouble. Pope has just learned for sure that she ordered the murder
of her adoptive son; also, the one remaining person Pope cares for –
his niece Lena – has been taken by family services. And Smurf's
grandson J has a fresh scheme with her accountant Morgan (Laura San
Giacomo); that leads to some strong moments tonight.

Other choices

“Casino” (1995)
and “Goodfellas” (1990), 3 and 7 p.m., AMC. This powerhouse
double feature repeats a strong potent combination – Robert De
Niro, mobsters and director Martin Scorsese.

“The Notebook”
(2004), 6-9 p.m., Freeform. This starts a richly varied movie night.
At 8 p.m., there's more romance with “The Wedding Planner” (2001)
on E, action with “Justice League” (2017) on HBO and drama with
the Oscar-nominated “Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) on FX.

“Bachelor in
Paradise,” 8-10 p.m., ABC. Fresh from “The Bachelorette,” Becca
Kufrin talks to one of the guys she rejected. Also, newcomers keep
arriving. One disrupts what had been a cozy couple; two others take
an interest in a maybe-nerdy computer guy.

“NCIS,” 8 p.m.,
CBS. Apparently, watching reality shows can be helpful. In this
rerun. Ducky (David McCallum) is doing what many old folks do –
watching a show about antiques. He spots an old war stick that could
be the missing weapon from a murder 16 years ago.

“The Outpost,” 9
p.m., CW. In a rerun, Talon's mysterious savior explains things about
her and the vanishing people she's descended from.

“Making It,” 10
p.m., NBC. This fun show puts tonight's emphasis on crafting fun
things. The first challenge is to create a “snack stadium” from
edible pieces. The second is bigger: Using recycled material, create
a themed party for four, including an outdoor activity.

“CSI: New
Orleans,” 10 p.m., CBS. A former colleague needs help with a
classified operation that's been compromised. Soon, Pride is heading
to South America with Sebastian and Tammy.