TV column for Tuesday, May 1

p.m., Fox.

Belted by wayward romances, people
ponder “backsliding” to old ones.

For Jess, that could be Paul (Justin
Long), a fellow teacher who has a surprise. And for Nick, it's
Caroline, who has shattered his life (often).

That leads to a hilarious tape of a
previously shattered Nick, warning “future Nick” to avoid her.

Loser” finale, 8 p.m., NBC.

By accident, this is partly a sibling

Conda Britt, 24, a health tech from
Rockford, Mich., already had a spot in the finale, along with Kim
Stone, 48, a registered nurse from Dittmer, Mo. Previously ousted
people competed for the third spot.

That went to Conda's brother Jeremy,
22, a banker returning 150 pounds lighter than when he started.

9-11 p.m., PBS (check local listings).

In rich detail, “Frontline” spreads
blame for the economic collapse.

The Clinton years loosened banking
rules (but had prosperity). The Bush years gave $145 billion in bank
bail-outs, virtually unrestricted (but stopped a possible
depression). The Obama years blew a chance to tame the bankers (but
restored a broken economy).

Then the second hour views a fast-money
world. Instead of financing something real, bankers traded wispy
concepts. Each year, a young Wall Streter could make $150,000; a
super salesman could make $5-10 million. Fresh from bail-out cash,
banks spent $320 million to lobby for more loopholes.

Other choices include:

– “Glee,” 8 p.m., Fox. As their
graduation nears, Rachel and Kurt audition at the New York Academy of
Dramatic Art. Whoopi Goldberg guests and NeNe Leakes continues as
Coach Roz Washington.

– “American Experience,” 8 p.m.,
PBS (check local listings). Hitler wanted the 1936 Olympics in Berlin
to show a triumph of white Germans; standing in the way was the
amazing Jesse Owens. This strong film has moments of triumph, plus
dark moments from Olympic officials and the public.

– “NCIS,” 8 p.m., CBS. A fire on
a Navy vessel elevates threat levels globally.

– “NCIS: Los Angeles,” 9 p.m.,
CBS. The search for a deadly virus has moved to the mainland. That
brings “Hawaii Five-0” people (Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim) to
help the NCIS.

– “The Voice,” 9 p.m., NBC.
Tonight, we learn the four singers for next week's finale.

– “Dancing With the Stars,” 9
p.m., ABC. Before cutting the field to six, the show has Gavin DeGraw
return, this time to sing. Also, the “Ballroom Battle” picks a
winnerand “Steelo” Vazquez performs with the Groovaloos, for the
first time since his aneurysm, last year.

– “The L.A Complex,” 9 p.m., CW.
This Canadian series starts with fresh-faced young people from
Toronto and Montreal, then has them collide with odd Americans. One
relationship tonight (Alicia and an actor who had one good film) is
excellent; another (Tariq and a hip-hop guy) is overwrought.

– “Unforgettable,” 10 p.m., CBS.
Previously, we've seen Carrie battle the brilliant Walter Morgan.
Now, apparently, he's dead and has framed her for the murder.