TV column for Wednesday, Sept. 19

“America's Got Talent” (NBC) and “MasterChef” (Fox) finales,
8-10 p.m.

Two big-deal summer
shows collide for their finales. “Talent” could go in any
direction – the 10 finalists range from an opera singer to two
acrobatic acts; “MasterChef,” however, is down to three.

It's a field
dominated by teachers. Gerron Hurt, 25, is an English teacher in
Louisville ... Cesar Cano, 33, teaches in Houston ... and Ashley
Mincey, 28, of Florida, is listed as a “professional grocery
shopper,” but she's also been a teacher. After getting a master's
degree in languages, she taught for three years ... then went back to
school to learn to be a chef.

“I Feel Bad” debut, 10:02 and 10:31 p.m., NBC.

Unlike most TV
women, Emet (Serayu Blue) has an enviable life – a nice husband
(Paul Adelstein, the bad husband in “Girlfriends' Guide to
Divorce”), OK kids and a great job at a videogame company.

And like most TV
women, she's not sure she's happy. “Bad” walks the line between
comedy and drama and between clever and not. Emet is sometimes so
wrong-headed that it's tough to care about her; still, there are
funny moments, especially from her socially challenged co-workers.

ALTERNATIVE: “American Horror Story,” 10 p.m., FX.

Last week's opener
brought the end of the world ... and beyond. A nuclear holocaust had
destroyed everything .... but the “Cooperative” had outposts for
the chosen elite. This story is at a West Coast spot firmly run by
Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates. A Cooperative representative throws
things into chaos.

Paulson and Bates
have done past seasons, as have Evan Peters, Adina Porter and more.
Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman, who played the awful neighbors
last year, were back in the opener; this time she's Coco St. Pierre
Vanderbilt, who in the opener came complete with parents and driver.

Other choices

“The Amazing Human
Body,” 8-11 p.m., PBS. The first hour looks at how the body grows,
the second studies its survival techniques and the third views the
way the brain and body link to learn.

“Burden of Truth,”
8 p.m., CW. In the eighth of 10 episodes, Joanna and Billy find
horrific evidence that strengthens their case. The apparent polluter
does just what Joanna did when she was originally hired by a drug
company: Try to talk the girls into hurry-up settlements.

“SEAL Team,” 9
p.m., CBS. In a rerun of the season-finale, the team is about to end
its deployment. Jason (David Boreanaz) lies about his concussion, so
he can lead a mission to avenge previous deaths.

“Modern Family,”
9 and 9:30, ABC. A week before the 10th season starts, the
final episodes of the ninth rerun. First, Haley meets Arvin's parents
... and has an unexpected reunion with all her ex-boyfriends. Then
Gloria plans a dinosaur party for Joe – only to be topped by her
nemesis (Jane Krakowski).

“Greenleaf,” 10
p.m., Oprah Winfrey Network. In previous hours (rerunning at 8 and 9
p.m.), Clara said she would cover the church's $2 million tax bill.
But now the troubles between the pastor and his wife are public;
she's withholding the check. Meanwhile, the pastor's granddaughter is

“Top Gun”
(1986), 10 p.m., CMT. Tom Cruise soared into stardom in this Tony
Scott film, which was dressed up by great casting and vibrant visuals
and music.

“The Sinner”
season-finale, 10:01 p.m., USA. Returning to his home town in rural
New York, Detective Harry Ambrose remains perplexed by an 11-year-old
who killed his parents. He finds that secrets are being clung to by
the mysterious Vera, played by recent “Fargo” star Carrie Coon.