The TV trip: The best

I'm back in the rhythm of real life now, after two overcrowded weeks of interviews in Los Angeles.

The blogs slowed down during those weeks -- blame technical troubles and the "So You Think You CanĀ  Dance" finals for some of that -- but now I'll try offer bits from the TV trip. Let's start at the top: On the final day, I saw the best new show of this fall's season.

It's called "FlashForward" and it's sort of "Lost"-plus -- mixing a stunning fantasy premise with solid character portraits. Telling more of the plot would spoil things; when this comes on (8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24m on ABC), settle in for the start of a great ride.

Others among this year's best are:

-- "Glee," of course. Fox already showed the brilliant pilot film. The second and third episodes are a tad darker, but this is still a terrific show.

-- "Modern Family," an ABC comedy tying together three vastly different families.

-- And others. NBC has a promising comedy in "Community." HBO plans a Nov. 3 airing of a supurb documentary on the Barack Obama presidential campaign. PBS includes a richly detailed look at Los Angeles and the newspaper family that shaped its image; its "Masterpiece Theatre" season includes "Endgame," the fascinating story of the secret negotiations to end apartheid in South Africa. More on all of this later.