An upside-down "American Idol"

Tonight's "American Idol" seemed like a crazy, upside-down pyramid. It was awful at first, then got better and better.

Anoop Desai was kind of OK, which isn't the way to win a contest. Megan Joy was kind of awful, which isn't the way t do anything.

And then everything clicked. Most of the others were good; the final two -- Adam Lambert and Kris Allen -- were wonderful. Here are a few of my comments; please add yours:

1) Who knew that the early-Flintstones look could work? Allison Iraheta -- with everything except a bone in her hair -- looked and sounded like great fun.

2) I'm pretty sure Megan Joy is the first person in Utah to have sung a Bob Marley song. There's a good chance she'll be the last.

3) "Idol" kind of likes an Elvis look this year. Tonight, Matt Giraud had the jacket; Anoop Deai had the sneer. Only Adam Lambert, however, can come up with the full attitude.

4) Adam, for that matter, can come up with any attitude. Until now, "theatrical" or "Broadway" has been an insult. Now it's a sign of a master showman who also has a great voice.

5) Maybe they should let Paula talk after Randy again. Sometimes, I don't like it when she thinks of her own stuff to say.

6) And yes, Paula did once tell Scott MacIntyre to perform without his piano. She denies it now, but she did. Tonight, we learned that his combination (good voice, great piano-playing) really clicks.

7) They finally came up with the perfect Matt Geraud song. Unfortunately for Matt, Kris Allen did it; it was superb.

8) Lil Rounds can do no wrong with me. She did "Heat Wave" last week, a Celine Dion ballad this week; each time, she wails it.

9) My should-go, based just on tonight -- Megan Joy first, then Anoop, then Matt.

10) My will-go prediction? I'll say Megan Joy. But then again, I said that last week and she wasn't even in the final three. I was stunned; she seemed super-stunned.