Best-bets for Jan. 15: Tough times in war and piece

1) “68 Whiskey” (shown here) debut, 10 p.m., Paramount. We’re at a field hospital in wartime, where earnest medicine co-exists with loose attitudes. That worked wonderfully in “MASH,” not so well in this blunt and heavy-handed show. It stars with a sex scene (lots of noise, little warmth), then has a brutal fight. Eventually we get to know the central characters – three medics, one black, one white, one Latina. It’s OK, but nowhere near what we expect from its producers, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard.

2) “Party of Five,” 9 p.m., Freeform. Emilio used to have a breezy life, singing in rock bars and meeting gorgeous young women. Then, in the series opener, everything changed: His parents, undocumented, are being sent back to Mexico; he’s responsible for his four siblings and the family rerstaurant. Now, two episodes later, he learns that a nearby restaurant-owner was taking advantage of them. Also, his sister helps a friend get a job,then learns he hasn’t renewed his DACA “dreamer” status.

3) “Chicago Med,” 8 p.m., NBC. A major accident at O’Hare Airport leaves concern about one of the hospital’s people. Meanwhile, Will’s proposal for a save injection site is being considered by the board. Also, Natalie and Goodman are worried about Gwen.

4) “Modern Family,” 9 p.m., ABC. Halfway through the final season, it’s time for characters to reminisce. Jay gives some childhood memorabilia to his kids, Claire and Mitchell … who are soon re-evaluating an old family story. Also, Phil visits his dad (Fred Willard), after hearing disturbing news.

5) “Stumptown,” 10 p.m., ABC. One of TV’s better relationships involves Dex and her brother, who has Down syndrome. Now he’s making a bucket list, leading into his 21st birthday. Meanwhile, Dex rushes to find the parents of a fellow veteran, before he learns he was adopted.