Day: June 28, 2019

A time for joy: Lear’s comedy is rescued

For the TV world, this was one of the year’s biggest news flashes:
The Pop network is rescuing “One Day at a Time.” It will have 13 new episodes next year.
OK, not everyone will consider it huge. Chances are, many people weren’t aware there is a Pop network or a “One Day” reboot. But ponder this from several standpoints
:– TV history. Norman Lear is the producer who sparked TV’s first golden age of comedy. Now he’s had a one-two shot – last month, ABC’s live show using “All in the Family” and “Jeffersons” scripts … and now this. In his statement, Lear said he was “heartbroken” when Netflix decided against a fourth season, and is now “overwhelmed with joy.” Read more…

Best-bets for June 30: Crowe rings loud and clear

1) “The Loudest Voice” debut, 10 p.m., Showtime. We start at Roger Ailes’ low point: Fired by NBC Cable, he’s begging for leniency in a no-compete clause. Soon, he starts Fox News … and flounders. He even calls a 4 a.m. meeting, filling the room with loud rage. Not to worry: Ailes (who died in 2017, at 77) understood this new era: Instead of trying to please everyone, he was carving a specific audience. Russell Crowe (shown here, at right) plays the role beautifully, mixing venom and volume with surprising bits of subtlety. Read more…

Gone solo? No, Colbie has Gone West

Colbie Caillat seems to have this pop-star thing backward
.People are supposed to start in groups. Then – full of success or full of themselves – they go solo.
But after a decade solo, Caillat has now become one-fourth of Gone West.“It’s fun,” she said. “Now I’m out there with my best friends.”
Last October was their Grand Ole Opry debut; coming is the July 4 mega-concert in Washington, D.C. Read more…