Queen Latifah

It’s time for “Equalizer” to right wrongs

“The Equalizer” (shown here) is back, for its third incarnation.
The first was a 1985 CBS series that ran for four seasons; the second had a pair of movies. Now – boosted by a Super Bowl lead-in Feb. 7 – the idea is back on CBS.
In each version, the hero helps people who can’t turn to authorities. That may be why it’s eternal.
“The notion of the outsider who comes in and helps the little guy has been around for a long time,” said Andrew Marlowe, one of the showrunners. Read more…

“Equalizer,” others, get football boost

Struggling to launch a handful of new shows, the networks turn to the one thing they can count on – football.
CBS has given its best spot – after the Super Bowl on Feb. 7 – to “The Equalizer” (shown here) The show – a reboot starring Queen Latifah – will remain on Sundays, starting 8 p.m. Feb. 14.
Earlier, Fox decided to launch both of its new shows after NFL doubleheaders.
“The Masked Dancer” will debut Dec. 27, then settle into a temporary spot at 8 p.m. Wednesdays. “Call Me Kat,” a Mayim Bialik comedy, debuts Jan. 3, then moves to 9 p.m. Wednesdays. Read more…

Clarks bring gospel joy to Easter weekend

The music world keeps juggling genres and descriptions. It has rock and rap and R-&-B, hip hop and pop and more.
But at their roots, some people say, is gospel music in general and the Clark Sisters in particular. “I may rap,” Queen Latifah said, “but I got Clark in my heart.”
Others agreed. “I sing R&B music,” Shelea Frazier said, “but gospel is a lifestyle. So I’m always going to sing in the name of Jesus.”
That makes their movie (shown here) logical for this weekend. Lifetime will debut “The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel” on Saturday, then repeat it twice on Easter Sunday. Read more…