Billy Porter

“Pose” ends with flash, flair … and some speeches

In its brief, brash life, “Pose” (shown here) has done important things.
It introduced viewers to a world most of us hadn’t heard of – the flash and flair of ballroom competitions in 1990s New York. It also re-introduced us to something we wanted to forget – the peak of the AIDS crisis.
Now it’s ending, sort of abruptly. The third and final season — ending Sunday (June 6) is only seven episodes long; we’d grumble about that, except: Read more…

Re-living a past nightmare, Porter finds hope

Surveying a life in shambles, the “Pose” protagonist sums it up:
“The world is cold and cruel and full of disease,” Pray Tell says.
That seems like a line about today, but “Pose” – starting its final season at 10 p.m. Sunday (May 2) on FX – is set in 1994, when the gay community was shredded by AIDS and police crackdowns. For Billy Porter (shown here in an earlier and cheerier season), who stars as Pray, the eras merge. “I think the parallels are quite profound,” he said.
Porter, now 51, reached Broadway just as the crisis was soaring. He was a “Five Guys Named Moe” understudy in 1992, then was Teen Angel in the “Grease” revival in ‘94 – a peak year for AIDS deaths. Read more…

“Pose” stars link for special tonight

This is short-notice, but let me get it out there :
At 10 p.m. today (Friday, June 26), three networks – FX. Freeform and Hulu – combine for an event called “Pose-a-thon.” Billy Porter, shown here, will co-host.
That gives you a night of virtual shows. First, catch the Daytime Emmys at 8 p.m. on CBS; then switch to “Pose-a-thon” at 10. Read more…

Striking a fresh “Pose,” Porter soars

For many actors, 50 is somewhere near the end zone. It’s time to play dads and angry desk sergeants.
And for Billy Porter? “I’m having a fabulous time,” he said.
He already has a Tony and a Grammy; he could add an Emmy on Sept. 22 … the day after he turns 50.
That’s in “Pose,” which has given him fresh opportunities. On the season finale (Tuesday), he said, he’ll get a new love interest; two weeks earlier, he had his first nude scene. Read more…