Day: February 17, 2020

“Okay” finds random joy in teen life

Leaping across continents, Josh Thomas has ignored TV’s assumptions.
American networks try to be relatable and universal and such. Instead, he’s turned his offbeat Australian teen years into sometimes-great TV.
“Teenage girls are like so funny to me, right?” Thomas said. “And I just really wanted to write a teenage girl.”
He’s written a lot of them– led by Kaylan Cromer, shown here — for “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.” And in the next episode (Feb. 20), they converge in wonderfully odd ways. Read more…

Best-bets for Feb. 19: CBS is losing its “Minds”

1) “Criminal Minds” series finale (shown here), 9 and 10 p.m, CBS. For 15 seasons, the team has chased grisly killers. That apparently puts “Minds” No. 5 among all-time dramas, trailing only “Gunsmoke,” “Lassie” and two editions of “Law & Order.” This final mission involves Everett Lynch, known as “The Chameleon,” who preys on middle-aged women. He’s eluded the team three times, once almost killing Rossi. Now Lynch gives Dr. Reid hallucinations of ghosts from his past. Every finale needs that. Read more…