Day: August 17, 2020

TV this fall? Fox, CW, cable, PBS set line-ups

For TV viewers swamped by reruns, there are a few signs of hope.
Two networks have set specifics for this fall: Fox will launch a makeshift line-up on Sept. 21 with “Filthy Rich” (shown here) and “L.A.’s Finest”; the CW begins its own makeshift line-up two weeks later.
That still leaves the big ones in limbo. When the coronavirus struck, ABC, CBS and NBC simply renewed most of their shows for this fall; so far, they haven’t set start dates.
But the pay-extra networks – from Netflix to HBO – remain busy. So does PBS and some of the basic-cable networks. “Fargo,” one of TV’s most-praised series, starts its season Sept. 27 on FX; a week later, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has an abrupt season-finale and launches a spin-off. Read more…

“Supernatural” returns in CW’s new fall line-up

(Note: Information in this story was subsequently folded into a longer overview. See the “stories” category.)
For impatient TV viewers, there’s a smidgen more of good news: Another network has announced specific dates to start its fall season.
This is a tiny network (CW), with a makeshift schedule (plus the final burst of the long-running “Supernatural,” shown here). Still, it joins Fox, which launches its own makeshift line-up on Sept. 21; ABC, CBS and NBC haven’t said when they’ll start.
(A previously written story rounds up Fox and other networks. It’s under “stories” and at the top of the main page.) Read more…

Best-bets for Aug. 19: Tough workers, busy politicians

1) “Tough as Nails,” 9 p.m., CBS. Half of the 12 people have already been ousted from the individual contest, including a farmer, a welder and an ironworker. (They stick around, as part of the team competition.) That leaves a sheriff’s deputy, a Marine veteran, a drywaller, a fisherman, a forester and Young An (shown here), a firefighter. An should be in his element, as the teams head to a fire training facility. There, they must save a victim, extinguish a fire …. then rappel from the top of a four-story building. Read more…