Day: March 2, 2021

Paramount Plus: “Star Trek” to “SpongeBob” and beyond

As the streaming services harvest their latest Golden Globe awards, a newcomer arrives.
On Thursday (March 4), Paramount Plus debuts. It will immediately offer a new “SpongeBob” movie (shown here) and series, with plans to revive everything from “Frasier” to ”Beavis ad Butt-Head.”
And it leaves a key question: Do we really need another streaming service?
No, actually, but don’t worry. This is simply a bigger, bolder version of one of the first streamers. Read more…

Best-bets for March 4: FBI folks fret; teens sing

1) “Clarice,” 10 p.m., CBS. This richly crafted series has had one persistent flaw: It uses the cliché of higher-ups who ignore evidence and just get in the way. That’s been especially true of Clarice’s FBI boss, Krendler; a terrific actor (Michael Cutlitz, shown here) has been stuck in a one-note role. Now the remedy begins by a simple means – bringing in someone much worse. As Krendler is investigated, he adds much-needed depth. It’s a good episode – in a darkly Gothic way – but ends with the story in limbo. Read more…