Day: August 2, 2021

Best-bets for Aug. 4: good trouble, great athletes

1) “Good Trouble,” 10 p.m., Freeform. Old romances have a way of lingering, in this solid episode. Davia likes her good-guy co-worker – but Dennis is back, making a wild career shift. Callie is gaga over Gael (they’re shown here) — but her ex-lover is part of the legal team that she’s helping fight. Meanwhile, Gael is distracted by his dad-to-be duties (from a one-night stand) … Alice struggles at a comedy workshop … and Mariana, vastly underemployed, uses her tech skills to help Callie with jury selection. Read more…

From amusement ride to movie screen? It works (sometimes)

Long ago, Disney announced it would make movie versions of its theme-park attractions.
The world promptly and properly groaned. We envisioned spinning teacups becoming flying saucers … the Carousel of Progress whirling in reverse … an insurrection inside the Hall of Presidents … or the Tiki Room crew enmeshed in some sort of gruesome “The Birds” sequel.
We thought this would be terrible … and often were right. But good things can happen to bad ideas; “The Jungle Cruise” – which has just opened in theaters and as pay-extra on Disney+ – is quite fun.
Yes, it’s sometime s excessive, sometimes overwrought; what isn’t nowadays? But it’s often salvaged by its solid cast – led by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt (shown here with Jack Whitehall) – and a fairly clever script. Read more…