Day: October 10, 2021

It’s tough when your dad is a killer doll

There are limits, it seems, to the “take your daughter to work” idea.
Just ask Brad Dourif about the time his daughter Fiona visited, when he was voicing Chucky (the killer doll) for a “Child’s Play” movie.
“When she was very young, she came to the studio,” he told the Television Critics Association. That day, he was “screaming and yelling as I was being burned to death. And you can’t do that halfway …. So I was screaming in agony. And she heard this and went white as a sheet and ran out of the studio.”
It was one of many strange moments in a horror tale that has persisted for 33 years, eight movies and now an eight-week “Chucky” series — 10 p.m. Tuesdays on cable’s USA and Syfy channels, starting Oct. 12 — with Fiona (shown here) in some of the episodes. Read more…

Best-bets for Oct.12: Monica & movie magic

1) “Impeachment,” 10 p.m., FX. The second half of this superb, 10-week series starts with an hour that’s simultaneously funny and tragic. Monica Lewinsky (wonderfully played by Beanie Feldstein, shown here) is suddenly detained by the FBI. She’s free to go, but advised not to. For 12 hours – some of them spent waiting for her mom – she and some bewildered FBI guys (one of them played by Colin Hanks) co-exist in a hotel room and wander a shopping mall. It’s a bizarre half-day in American political history. Read more…