Alicia Keys

Virus specials: Abby & Alicia & more

For the cable news people, coronavirus specials have become the new normal.
CNN keeps having a “Coronavirus: Fact or Fiction” town halls, with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta – two terrific fact guys – in charge. Now it has variations with Alicia Keys and (really) Big Bird.
Fox News has also jumped in. Here are the latest examples; for each, the times are three hours earlier PT: Read more…

Grammys reflect the pain of losing Kobe, Whitney

It’s happened twice now in eight years.
The Grammy people were ready for the usual fun and flash and spectacle. Then, at the last moment, there was a stunning death.
In 2012 it was Whitney Houston, who had some of her greatest moments at the Grammys
This year it was Kobe Bryant (shown here), who had his greatest moments at the Staples Center, where the ceremony is held.Both times, the Grammy people responded beautifully. Both times, they had the right person hosting. Read more…