Atlanta TV show final season

Final “Atlanta” season: sorta weird, sorta “grounded”

When the “Atlanta” series was being created, the tone was clear.
On the first day, writer-producer Stefani Robinson said, Donald Glover (the creator and star, shown here) “said. ‘We are going to get canceled because of what we’re going to try to do …. So let’s have fun.’”
That’s how Stephen Glover – a writer-producer and Donald’s brother – recalls it.. The idea, he said, was: “If we’re here only four episodes, they’re going to be the best four episodes ever.”
And then? It became four seasons, not four episodes. The show became popular and honored … and then not so much. It starts its final season (10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 15, on FX), relishing its quirks. Read more…