Big Bang Theory finale

“Big Bang”: The end of a long and funny journey

For a dozen years, “The Big Bang Theory” has given us great comedy – sharply written, perfectly played, with likable characters colliding in fun ways. It has its last new episodes Thursday (May 16), so here are a few things:
First, an overall story, partly looking back to the show’s start. Then a few time-and-channel details, followed by some trivia. Also, please catch the recent story about Kevin Sussman, who plays Stuart. Here we go: Read more…

Once-woeful Stuart is going out with a big bang

It was another celebration – one of many in the final “Big Bang Theory” season – and Kevin Sussman seemed apologetic.
“I have to go,” he said quietly. “I’ve got an audition.”
Auditions used to bring futility and frustration. “As a struggling actor, I couldn’t get any work,” he said.
But now things should be different: He’s Stuart on “Big Bang.” The show is – as Warner Brothers TV chief Peter Roth said in the celebration — “the longest-running multi-camera comedy in television history.” Read more…