Genius: Aretha

Yes, “Aretha” is coming … eventually

For Cynthia Erivo, the timing seemed perfect:
On May 17, she led a soaring Aretha Franklin medley during the “American Idols” finale …. On May 24, she’s set to sing “Hero” during the “National Memorial Day Concert” … And on May 25, the mini-series “Genius” would start its third edition (shown here), this time with Erivo as Aretha Feranklin.
The only problem: The virus shutdown has now delayed “Genius” until sometime this fall. Read more…

Erivo: From Tubman to Aretha

Cynthia Erivo is about to jump from one great American to another.
On Nov. 1, “Harriet” (shown here) reaches movie theaters, with Erivo, 32, as Harriet Tubman, who kept risking her life to help other slaves get north. That same month, she’ll start work as Aretha Franklin
.The National Geographic Channel announced that filming will begin then, for the third edition of its “Genius” anthology. Read more…