Carrie (and Claire) plunge into turmoil, one more time

As the final “Homeland” season begins, one scene seems to define the fictional Carrie Mathison and the very real Claire Danes (shown here), who plays her.
Carrie, a CIA agent, is back from months of isolation and torture. With her mind and memory shattered, she’s in slow recovery; then there’s a question: Does she want to go back in the field right now?Her answer is an instant yes.
That’s also Danes’ answer to returning to a draining role.
“It’s taxing,” she told the Television Critics Association last month. “It’s kind of pummeling.” But she came back for an eighth season, even after her original commitment had finished. Read more…

Showtime has shameless, homeless, dreadful plans

PASADENA, Cal. – “Shameless” is the latest TV series to know its endgame
.Showtime announced today that the series (shown here) will be back this summer for an 11th and final season.
That follows another Showtime series ending its run. On Feb. 9, “Homeland” starts its eighth and last season with a characteristically tough hour: Carrie (Claire Danes), back from imprisonment and torture, is plunged into a new mission, amid doubts about her memories and sanity.
Her show ends its run on April 28 … the same night that a once-dead show returns to life. Read more…