Nancy Drew TV show

CW loads its summer with new (to Americans) shows

Maybe the CW network didn’t get the worry-about-the-strike memo.
Showing no signs of caution, the mini-network has announced a summer line-up that will be filled with new episodes … or ones that are new to American audiences.
That includes lots of scripted shows – American, British, Australian (shown here) and (especially) Canadian – plus some non-fiction.
With the prospect of a long Writers Guild strike, networks might have been expected to cache away prospects. CBS has announced a fall schedule with only two new shows. During the pandemic, CW used Canadian shows to prop up its fall line-up; that year, Fox delayed two summer shows until fall.
But the new summer plan indicates CW is holding nothing back. Read more…

Double duty? “Nancy Drew” star knows the drill

In the new “Nancy Drew” series, Nancy does double duty; she’s a waitress who solves crimes.
That seems like a lot … except to aspiring actors. They’re forever leaping between day jobs – waiters and waitresses, usually – and auditions.
Kennedy McMann (shown here), the new Nancy, varied slightly, working as an afterschool nanny. “I would be, like, ‘Hey, guys, you know what’s a fun playtime? Help me learn my lines.’” Read more…