NFL games rescheduled

Pro football: No home, no name, no quarterback, no (?) schedule

There was a time when every pro football team had a home. And a name. And a quarterback (several actually). And a schedule, set in stone.
That was a dull-but-simple time, before the chaos of 2020. Now the changes keep coming.
There are games — some involving the unbeaten Pittsburgh Steelers (shown here) — at unexpected times – this Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 2) … early Monday evening (Dec. 7) … and Tuesday night (Dec. 8). For the second time, a Thursday-night game will be scrapped. And schedules have changed and unchanged for NBC, ABC and Fox.
Most, but not all, of this is COVID-related. The changes include: Read more…

TV gets bonus football games and more

The sports world has been giving some big breaks to TV networks … and to viewers.
Breaks are needed, at a time when COVID has slowed the fall TV line-ups. During that time, any sports event brings a spurt of interest; lately, the breaks have gone to:
– CBS. For the second straight week, it gets a primetime, pro-football game. Both games were postponed because of COVID, then re-scheduled as a weekday bonus. This one could be a dilly: At 7 p.m. ET Tuesday (Oct. 13), two undefeated teams collide, with Josh Allen (shown here) and Buffalo (4-0) at Tennessee (3-0). Read more…