Pamela Adlon

English journey made “Better Things” a better show

For most shows, this would have been simple:
One of the actors couldn’t get there, due to Covic concerns. It was time to write her out and move on.
But that’s not how “Better Things” (shown here) works. For its final season, it took elaborate steps — peaking with an episode that airs at 10 p.m. Monday (April 18), then moves to Hulu. “This would have been woefully incomplete without it,” Adlon said in a Television Critics Association virtual press conference. Read more…

Pamela Adlon: She loves the frantic, frazzled world of show business

It’s been  14 months since we had a new “Better Things” episode, but don’t despair. The season-opener (Feb. 28) indicates the show is better than ever.

Yes, Pamela Adlon says, show-business has plenty of frazzled, fractured people.There’s ambition and despair. There’s “that angry air that hangs over so many.”And yes, she’s always wanted to be in the business.“I grew up on sound stages with my dad,” she said. Don Seagall had a successful decade, writing comedy scripts; his daughter savored it all. Read more…