Perry Mattfeld

After some detours, “Dark” wraps its season powerfully

Born with good intentions, fine actors and poor pacing, “In the Dark” has wandered a bit.
.It seemed to be drifting … but not any more. The season’s final two episodes make it all worthwhile; they’re 9 p.m. Thursdays, June 20 and 27, on CW
.Yes, that’s the network that’s stuffed with superheroes … which “Dark” is not. It’s sort of the opposite, which is how it got started. Read more…

New kind of heroine — cynical, sexy, bitter and blind

The CW network already has TV’s most distinctive heroines.
One is super, one’s a zombie, three are witches and one is the world’s only witch-werewolf-vampire tribred. One breaks into song; another was jolted by the return of her dead husband.
Now there’s “In the Dark” and Murphy Mason. She’s “kind of a disaster,” said CW’s Paul Hewitt. “She smokes. She drinks. She’s into casual sex. She’s rude to pretty much everybody – her parents, her roommates, the cops, her guide dog Pretzel. Oh, and she’s blind.” Read more…