Rian Johnson

She gives us a fresh take on “lone wolf” saga

As “Poker Face” unfolds, we meet a familiar character – rootless, homeless, on the move.
“Life as a lone wolf has always been tricky,” said Natasha Lyonne (shown here), who stars as Charlie in the show (debuting Thursday, Jan. 26, on Peacock) from “Knives Out” creator Rian Johnson
That’s been true in her own life. Lyonne has described being on her own since she was 16, with a rich assortment of ups (“Russian Doll,” “Orange is the New Black”) and downs.
And it’s true on TV. Viewers savor shows – “The Fugitive,” “Then Came Bronson,” “Run For Your Life,” “Have Gun, Will Travel” – that keep lone figures on the move. Read more…

Here’s a movie you (and Sondheim) would love

“Glass Onion” is that rare movie that almost everyone would like … and that Stephen Sondheim would have loved.
Sondheim was a big puzzle buff. He even paused his Broadway-musical chores to co-write “The Last of Sheila” (1973), in which a conniving mogul hosts an exotic vacation filled with mysteries and secrets. Rian Johnson has said that was one of his inspirations for writing and direction “Onion,” the brilliant “Knives Out” sequel that has just arrived on Netflix.
Johnson also sort of borrows from Agatha Christie and other mystery masters. But as always, he makes it all bigger, brighter, better and, at times, funnier. Read more…