Steve Martin

Emmycast was listless (that’s good), often hostless (that’s not)

Near the end of the Emmy awards, Pete Davidson suggested a round of applause for Kenan Thompson.
My instinctive response was, “Who???”
Oh yes, he was sort of the host. He told a couple jokes, joined an ill-advised dance number and later told some more jokes, including some good ones. Then he mostly vanished.
There’s a reason we need stand-up-comedy types to host awardcasts. They can punctuate a show with quick quips at odd moments. Thompson’s a terrific comedy actor, but this isn’t in his skill set; you need someone like Steve Martin (shown here with “Only Murders in the Building” colleagues Martin Short and Selena Gomez). Read more…

Condo crime comedy for these amigos

Let’s think of this as “Three Amigos Go Manhattan.” Only with a murder mystery. And a new amigo.
“Three Amigos,” in 1986, was the first pairing of Steve Martin and Martin Short; the third star was Chevy Chase. Now comes “Only Murders in the Building,” a droll, 10-part series that starts Tuesday (Aug. 31) on Hulu; the third star (shown here) is Selena Gomez.
Yes, one of these is not like the others. Martin is 76, Short is 71 … Gomez is 29. “I had no idea who they were,” she joked, at a Television Critics Association virtual press conference. Read more…