TV Christmas movies

New Christmas movies: Here are the best (and worst)

Sure, all those cable Christmas movies look the same.
They have the same sunny faces, same glittery settings, same songs (public-domain, no problem getting rights) in the background.
But once you get past that, they vary widely. There are some good ones (really); that includes “Must Love Christmas,” shown here. There are also some awful ones (obviously) and a lot in-between.
We sampled a dozen of them, many from around Thanksgiving weekend, when key ones arrive. The dates listed here are when they first air, but don’t worry: Christmas movies, like old Christmas sweaters, never really go away: Read more…

He’s well-rested, after a 30-year pause

In acting terms, let’s think of this as a long pause – a 30-year one, actually,.
In 1992, Danny Pintauro finished his eight-year run on “Who’s the Boss?” He had done the show for half his life; he’d also done movies and a soap opera. It was time for a break, including college.
Then the break got longer. When Lifetime’s “A Country Christmas Harmony”(shown here with Pintauro and Brooke Elliott) arrives at 8 p.m. Friday (Nov. 18), it will be the first time most viewers have seen him acting in three decades.
In the interim, he said, he faced “the trauma of being a child actor” and “of being outed so early.”He was addicted to meth and tested positive for HIV. Read more…