TV true-crime

Want true-crime? Hulu has it straight or funny

As the true-crime trend surges, Hulu will approach it from all sides.
One documentary will be a straight-forward crime tale. Another will view the long-range impact of such stories. And a fictional tale (“Only Murders in the Building”) will turn the trend into comedy.
That last one is from Steve Martin, who says he’s a true-crime fan. “Steve’s a deep well (of knowledge) when it comes to podcasts,” producer Dan Fogelman told the Television Critics Association.
Martin hatched the idea of three crime-buffs obsessed with a possible murder in their apartment building. He stars with Selena Gomez (shown here) and Martin Short, in a 10-part comedy-drama that starts Aug. 31. “This is one of the most unusual things that I’ve done,” he said, “because it actually has a plot.” Read more…