Day: July 12, 2019

From “Trek” to “Suits”: mastering the babble

As the new “Suits” season arrives, viewers can brace for a fresh blitz of lawyer words.
The concepts bounce around; actors have to seem like they’re cozy with them.
“When you’re doing ‘techno-babble’ – which is what we used to call it – you have to make sure you understand it,” said Denise Crosby (shown here), the new “Suits” antagonist.
And yes, she’s worked with some of the best babblers of tangled techno. She was Tasha Yar, the security officer in the first year of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” After the character died, she’s been Yar’s daughter … and her grandmother (in a fan-fiction film) … and, due to time travel, Yar herself. Read more…

Best-bets for July 14: ’50s crime or ’90s movies

1) “Masterpiece: Grantchester” season-opener, 9 and 10 p.m., PBS. For three summers, James Norton has played a village vicar – decent and fragile – who helps a cop (Robson Green, shown here with Norton) solve crimes. Now he has his final two cases; we also glimpse the man who will replace him next week. Set in the 1950s, tonight’s first hour has a strong civil-rights theme; the second eyes a corrupt businessman. The mysteries are so-so. but this is a deep portrait of a good man, torn by his flaws. Read more…