Day: October 10, 2019

PBS eyes a neighborhood’s years of scrutiny

For years, neighbors in a Chicago suburb knew they were being watched.
Sometimes it was subtle – an odd car parked outside at all hours, workmen on the phone lines at 3 a.m. Sometimes it wasn’t; men showed up, flashed FBI badges and asked questions for an hour.
“We had all this paranoia in the neighborhood,” recalled Assia Boundaoui (shown here), who has made a PBS film about it. “People didn’t trust each other. We were constantly censoring ourselves.” Read more…

Best-bets for Oct. 12: From “Scandal” to “SNL”

1) “The College Admissions Scandal” (shown here), 8 p.m., Lifetime, rerunning at 11:03. With the subtlety of a scream and the nuance of an avalanche, “Scandal” eyes a big story. It’s still watchable, because the reality is both shocking and perversely funny; the approach, however, is inept. Ducking the real stories (including Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman), this has fictional parents – then makes one a hideous Cruella/Maleficent type, burying the drama in excess. Gretchen Carlson’s follow-up is at 10:03. Read more…