Day: January 6, 2020

Golden Globes: The fun returns

As the Golden Globes were wrapping up … as viewers were pondering why they’d never heard of the winners before, there was one redeeming thought.
In a way, we were all winners. This one was fun.
The Globes ceremony has always been looser than the others; hey, it serves alcohol.But there’s something more: It has stuck to the notion of having a host.
Lately, we’ve had hostless Oscars (twice) and Emmys. But the Globes had Rickey Gervais (shown here) for the fifth time. He didn’t eat up that much time, but he crackled some good lines that poked at Hollywood. Read more…

Best-bets for Jan. 8: The “Party” is back

1) “Party of Five” (shown here) debut, 9 and 10 p.m., Freeform, rerunning at midnight, then 9 p.m. Thursday, 2 p.m. Friday. The original “Party” – smartly written, beautifully cast – had young siblings orphaned and on their own. Now, 25 years later, this reboot takes a modern twist: The parents, undocumented, are being sent back to Mexico; their kjds’ lives change instantly. A charismatic singer becomes a weary father figure; an A-student becomes an angry rebel. There’s depth and people we care about. Read more…