Day: November 6, 2020

It’s charming-village time, yet again

A familiar story gets fresh twists in “The South Westerlies.”
That’s a mini-series that arrives Monday (Nov. 9) on the Acorn streaming service ( Despite a slow-start and an open-ended finish, it’s a journey worth taking.
And it happens to be a scenic journey. This is set in West Cork, an Irish area popular with tourists, with its jagged coastline and even a tad of surfing.
Kate Ryan (Orla Brady, shown here) used to love summers there, but now she’s strictly a city person, living in Dublin and ready for a promotion to Oslo. First, however, she’s assigned to spend some time in a West Cork village. Read more…

Best-bets for Nov. 8: Two openers and a dandy documentary

1) “Rebuilding Paradise” (shown here), 9 and 11:47 p.m., National Geographic. Ron Howard was already a great director of scripted films, with an Oscar (“A Beautiful Mind”) and a nomination (“Frost/Nixon”). Lately, he’s also been doing documentaries. After the 2018 wildfire, he focused on the gorgeous town of Paradise, Ca. There, we meet likable people, including a man who tells of going “from town drunk to mayor.” After the blaze, he was one of the first to rebuild. Read more…