Day: June 28, 2021

On the Fourth, a world emerges festively

(This is an updated version of the previous 4th-of-July story, now including NBC and more of the performers.)
Sure, you could consider this year’s 4th-of-July mega-concert to be same-old, same-old.
After all, this is the 41st year for “A Capitol Fourth” on PBS …. and the 83rd year since July 4 became a paid federal holiday … and the 245th since the Declaration of Independence was signed.
But Ali Stroker, one of the performers, feels this time is different. “In the re-emerging, we have the option to make the world we’d like to have.”
She’s emerging from a year on pause. A Tony-winner (shown here on her winning night), she suddenly had no Broadway to audition for, fewer places to perform. “Singing in my bathroom, to my laptop, wasn’t necessarily prime conditions.” Read more…

Best-bets for June 30: “Bold” exit, bat expert

1) “The Bold Type” series finale, 10 p.m, Freeform. With smart characters and sleek visuals, this has seemed like the ideal show for Freeform’s young-adult target. At a magazine, three women became friends; Jane (right) writes, Sutton (center) designs, Kat (left) does tech. Now the network promises “big changes and hard decisions”; a brief sampling focuses on Jane: She bumps into Zach, whom she did a story on previously; also, she tries to nudge Kat into reviving the romance with Adina. Read more…