Day: June 23, 2023

Even during strike, PBS and others deliver drama

Facing the bleak prospect of an unscripted TV season, viewers have some solace:
Yes, there are still some other countries in the world. Many of them speak English, just like we do (or even better). And yes, especially, there’s PBS.
The latest news is the fall line-up of “Masterpiece” mysteries, which fill PBS’ Sundays. It will include the second seasons of “World on Fire” (shown here in the first season) and “Annika,” the third of “Van der Valk” and the fifth of “Unforgotten.” If the past is any hint, these will be smart and involving, if a tad drab. Read more…

Chinese tale sprawls across TV universe

Sensing that it has a hit (a surprise one, maybe), Disney+ is taking an uncharacteristic step: It’s giving something away.
The streamer will put episodes of “American Born Chinese” (shown here) on other networks. That ranges from one hour on ABC (8 p.m. Saturday, June 24) to three on Hulu and Roku.
Some of this stays in the family: The Disney company owns Disney+ and ABC, plus two-thirds of Hulu. Still, it’s another good sign, for a show that has drawn strong reviews. Read more…

Best-bets for June 25: hip-hop, crimesolvers and (?) football

1) BET Awards, 8 p.m., BET. Nearing the 50th anniversary (Aug. 11) of the first hip hop event, BET calls this a “non-stop hip hop party.” It has the Sugar Hill Gang, which had the first top-40 rap single, in 1980. Others include MC Lyte (shown here), Ja Rule, Soulja Boy, Kid ‘N Play, Fat Joe, Big Daddy Kane, Chief Keef, DJ Unk, E-40, Fat Joe and more. Also performing are GloRilla (with six nominations, trailing only Drake), Coco Jones, Doeschii and more. Read more…