Day: November 14, 2023

Music specials — from country to hip hop — are coming

TV networks will give us plenty of music specials next month, as we wait semi-patiently for the post-strike season to begin.
Today (Nov. 14), ABC announced its line-up for the Dec. 14 “CMA Country Christmas,” hosted by Amy Grant (shown here) and Trisha Yearwood. Also, CBS announced a date (Dec. 27) for the Kennedy Center Honors. Those are in a month that will range from Willie Nelson to hip hop.
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Best-bets for Nov. 16: lots of ghosts and royals

1) “Ghosts U.K.” debut, 9 and 9:30 p.m., CBS. Here’s the show CBS’ “Ghosts” is based on. Its concept is clever; its execution is adequate. As in the U.S. version, a new homeowner died briefly, was revived and could see the ghosts in her mansion. The American woman adjusted nimbly and liked these folks; the British one (shown here) spends much of this hour quaking. Then again, the American ghosts are more likable; the British ones are merely kind of amusing. Read more…

Double Dianas and more — a huge streaming week

The streaming universe seems to keep topping itself.
We’ll look around and decide this is the biggest week ever … and then a bigger one arrives. Now this current one, in mid-November, feels like the biggest yet.
It peaks Thursday (Nov. 16), with the start of the final season of Netflix’s “The Crown,” one of the shows that propelled the streaming surge. That’s preceded by a couple of compelling shows — the start of “A Murder at the Top of the World,” Tuesday on Hulu, and the continuing “Buccaneers,” Wednesday on Apple. Then there’s a Friday flurry, ranging from a civil rights hero to assorted types of silliness.
The week even includes double Dianas: Emma Corrin, who received an Emmy nomination in the fourth “Crown” season, gives a richly layered performance (show here) in Hulu’s “A Murder”; Elizabeth Debicki, who has an Emmy nomination for the fifth season, is back for the sixth. Here’s a round-up: Read more…