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Fox’s fall line-up: Life without those pesky pilots

The Fox network has concocted a pandemic-proof (almost) schedule for this fall.
It’s found ways to have a full schedule without any shows that require a fresh pilot film. That includes repurposing two series — “L.A.’s Finest” (shown here) and “Cosmos: Possible Worlds” — that have aired elswhere.
The result still has a batch of shows for mid-season, when football ends and voids begin. It makes no mention of “Last Man Standing,” “The Resident” or “Deputy.” Also, “Empire” had finished its six-season run. Read more…

COVID isolation spurs drama, comedy

The COVID-19 shutdown may have a dramatic effect on love, lust and life.
Now TV is jumping in with shows from the producers of “Good Trouble” (shownn here) and “Orange is the New Black.” Both will be taped in the actors’ homes, using remote technology – a method that’s been tried for drama (“All Rise”), comedy (“Parks and Recreation Reunion,” “Saturday Night Live”) and music. They are: Read more…

CBS renews most of its line-up

For frustrated TV viewers, the pandemic may bring one plus – fewer cancellations of current shows.
At least, that’s the indication from CBS’ announcement today (Wednesday). In one swoop, it has renewed 18 shows … to go along with five that were previously renewed.
The virus shutdown came just as shows are usually shooting pilot films, leaving a question: Would networks take a gamble – grabbing a show without a pilot – or simply keep what’s already there? Read more…

Your commencement speakers are …

TV keeps finding new ways to create social-distance entertaiment.
Coming next weekend (May 15-16) are a video show and (really) a graduation ceremony, with the Obamas (shown here) as speakers.
Before that, the emphasis will be on at-home music. On Sunday, ABC has “Disney Family Singalong II” at 7 p.m. and “American Idol” from 8-10 p.m.; on Monday and Tuesday, NBC has “The Voice.” Then come the variations: Read more…

At-home shows take opposite routes

Now two big network shows are in their music-from-home phase.
It’s “American Idol” on Sundays, “The Voice” on Mondays and Tuesdays. That’s five hours a week, to remind us that fun continues even when people stay home.
But as similar as they are, the shows are opposites in a key way: “Idol” seems to embrace its at-homeness; “Voice” (shown here with Mandi Castillo) seems almost in denial. Read more…

Welcome to Star Wars Day

Welcome to Star Wars Days, on May the Fourth.
(Isn’t it nice when a holiday is on a Monday, extending the weekend?)
This is when we’re expected to sit in front of a screen, staring at “Star Wars” shows. Possible exemptions are for essential workers and/or people who are busy doing “Star Wars” puzzles, games or art projects.
Fortunately, three networks make it easy for us, with marathons (shown here with “The Last Jedi”) and such. That includes: Read more…