Adam Reed

Adam Reed (one of them) molds a Christmas cartoon

A logical mind might expect that all Adam Reeds are the same.
Or, at least, that all Adam Reeds who make animated TV shows are the same.
Not so. One such Adam Reed makes “Archer,” which is a popular Emmy-winner … and ripples with cynicism. The other is the creative force behind “Reindeer in Here” (shown here), which debuts at 9 p.m. Tuesday (Nov. 29) on CBS, with abundant optimism.
“I couldn’t find a positive Christmas” book, the latter Reed said. He was particularly down on “Elf on the Shelf,” which he has called “creepy.” So he wrote a thoroughly non-creepy, non-cynical book. The basic notion, Reed said, is that “every child, at some point, feels different.” In this case, it’s a boy who has moved a lot and feels alone. Read more…