Josh Groban

Songs soar from PBS on New Year’s Eve

For good and bad, PBS keeps surprising us.
We don’t expect it to be involved with New Year’s Eve, a holiday that includes confetti, inebriation and silly hats. Arbor Day is more its style.
And we do expect it to be consistent. But now comes a surprise: A music special Thursday (New Year’s Eve) is beautifully crafted … in many of the same ways that a recent PBS one was badly botched.
The new special (8 p.m. Thursday, rerunning at 9:30, checks local listings) has such potent talents as Josh Groban (shown here in a previous concert) and bears the lofty title, “United in Song: Celebrating the Resilience of America.” And somehow, it lives up to that billing. Read more…

Once a blissful “late bloomer,” Groban is a powerhouse singer with new PBS special

A brief sampling — Josh Groban singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at Madison Square Garden — makes one thing clear: This powerhouse singer is in the hands of skillful TV people. Groban’s concert is Monday on most PBS stations, a key element to their pledge drives.

For Josh Groban, this all happened in a sudden swoosh.

He was, he says, a teen-ager with a “blissful naivete,” belting out show tunes at home and in class. Suddenly, he was with two important Davids (Foster and Kelley) and a Rosie (O’Donnell). He became a music star and now a key to the latest pledge drive. Read more…