Lucy DeVito

Teen turns demonic? It’s almost a real-life tale

Like many people, Chrissy turned into a little demon when she became a teen-ager. Now she rages at her mother and despises her dad.
And like some, she has good reasons for this. After all, her mom withheld a key secret and her dad … well, he’s Satan. The real one.
That’s the set-up for “Little Demon” (shown here), an animated show that debuts at 10 p.m. Thursday (Aug. 25) on FXX. Lucy DeVito, who stars, finds the raging-teen idea realistic. “At times, I was a total (jerk),” she said. “But I think most kids are.”
There were other quirks in her life, she told the Television Critics Association. “Growing up in a household where your father is touted the ‘prince of darkness’ – that’s another problem.” Read more…