The Eaton era: masterful “Masterpiece”

The Rebecca Eaton era is ending at “Masterpiece.” It has been … well, mostly masterful.
At its peak, it has provided some of the finest moments on television – “Downton Abbey” (shown here), “Prime Suspect,” “Wallander,” “Sherlock” and more, including “Little Women” and “Bleak House” reboots.
At its low point, it’s merely been bland, such as the recent “The Chaperone.” Then it has bounced back.
PBS announced recently that Eaton, 72, is being “promoted” to “executive-producer-at-large.” She’ll work at developing new drama projects, while also fundraising for The Masterpiece Trust, which has raised $20 million since she launched it eight years ago. Read more…

Yes, there’s TV life after “Downton”

So now we’re in the post-Downton era.
The “Downton Abbey” movie has arrived, drawing an expected rush of praise and an unexpectd rush of money. Now viewers wonder what else can capture that British-style charm and class.
Experts had guessed the “Downton” movie would bring $20 million in its North American debut. It got $31 million – topping the predictions (and the next-highest movie) by more than 50 per cent.
As expected, it has style, class, deep characters and some dashes of humor. Where can we go for more? I’d suggest: Read more…