State of the Union TV show

“Union” brews witty, 10-minute bits

The trouble with life is that it keeps changing.
In becomes out, up becomes down, yes become maybe. And ordering coffee becomes a chore.
We learn that at the start of “State of the Union” (shown here), the witty show that debuts on Valentine’s Day and continues in brief bursts. It has 10-minute episodes at 10 p.m. weekdays on Sundance for two weeks. Read more…

A new/old notion: The 10-minute sitcom

Television needs its comfy, half-hour chunks. Situation comedies want 30 minutes (22 plus commercials); dramas want an hour
But now comes the new/old notion of a mini-show.
“State of the Union” has 10 episodes, bunched into two weeks on the Sundance Channel. Each is only 10 minutes long; each has the same two people talking in the same pub. Read more…