Tom Smallwood

Comedy springs from a working-guy gamble

In the real-life, regular-guy world of Tom Smallwood, this was a long shot.
He was a laid-off autoworker, the son of an autoworker, in a factory town. His people got steady paychecks, but he was going to take a chance. At 31, married with one child, he took a detour.
He “decided, against all odds, to follow his dream of becoming a professional bowler,” said Brian d’Arcy James, an actor-turned-producer. That’s at the core of “How We Roll” (shown here), the comedy that debuts at 9:30 p.m. Thursday (March 31) on CBS. Read more…

TV rolls back toward comedies

The low-laugh TV season will get another boost.
CBS announced today that “How We Roll” (shown here) will join its line-up next spring, after “B Positive” ends its season. That’s the same approach that successfully launced “United States of Al” this year.
“Roll” is based on the true story of Tom Smallwood, a Michigan autoworker whose life changed when he was 30. Laid off from work – and unable to find another job during a recession – he revived his dream of being a professional bowler. Read more…