Month: March 2019

A Superstore superstorm hits LA and St. Louis

At the time, this seemed like Hollywood whimsy
.For an episode that airs Thursday, “Superstore” shot a blizzard in Los Angeles. “People were bringing their kids to … see snow for the first time,” said Colton Dunn, who plays Garrett.
It seemed especially odd, because the show is set in St. Louis, which barely averages 15 inches of snow a year.
And then? In January – after that episode was shot – a storm hit. St. Louis had 8-12 inches; parts of Missouri had 20. Read more…

Arquette is back: New troubles, new transformation

Patricia Arquette was busy un-transforming.
She was returning to her old self, after being Tilly in “Escape to Dannemora.” Then she found Dee Dee and “The Act.”
I started losing weight after ‘Dannemora,’“ Arquette sid. “Then I stopped for this.”
It’s another true story, another troubled soul, another transformation — this time holding back a tad. Read more…

NBC gives us a warm and neighborly world

TV sometimes has idealized worlds, where people know and care for every neighbor.It’s had Mayberry and Walton’s Mountain and Smurfs Village and such. And now, it has … well, a chunk of New York City.Lorraine Toussaint, who stars, says that’s believable. “’The Village’ is not at all foreign to me,” she said. “It’s an old New York that I knew.” Read more…

Weekly top 10 for Monday, March 11

1) “Empire” and “Star” return, 8 and 9 p.m. Wednesday, Fox. “Empire” has had lots of attention lately, none of it enviable; stories focus on Jussie Smollett, who faces criminal charges and was written out of the season’s final two episodes. You’ll see his character (Jamal) here, struggling with his love life. But Jamal is just one part of a rich blend of great music and brash soap opera. Now the family has a shot at reclaiming its record label. Then, at 9 p.m., Star – who has just had her baby – jeopardizes her career. Read more…

Leaping across networks, “Runway” returns

In its long lifetime, “Project Runway” has kept bouncing around.It’s gone from Bravo to Lifetime and back to Bravo.
It’s escaped the ownership of Harvey Weinstein. It’s changed hosts and mentors and more.It even dumped the original producers … then put them back in charge. “We keep saying, ‘It’s like getting your baby back,” Jane Lipsitz said.
Except, of course, that babies are never the same after 14 years and 17 TV seasons. Read more…

Yes, billionaires can be scammed, too

We used to think scams were just for rubes and suckers. Slick grifters cheated the unsuspecting.That was before Bernie Madoff bilked the wealthy. It was before Elizabeth Holmes.Her company, Theranos, drew prominent backers. “Rupert Murdoch, I think, invested $125 million,” said Alex Gibney, whose HBO documentary is Monday … three days after one on ABC. Read more…

Marcia Clark rewrites real life

Fiction, it seems, is way more fun than real life. That’s because you can rewrite the ending.
Marcia Clark disliked the real ending of the O.J. Simpson murder trial: She lost; he won.
But now she’s helping write and produce a fictional tale that sounds familiar, with a twist. Read more…

Pamela Adlon: She loves the frantic, frazzled world of show business

It’s been  14 months since we had a new “Better Things” episode, but don’t despair. The season-opener (Feb. 28) indicates the show is better than ever.

Yes, Pamela Adlon says, show-business has plenty of frazzled, fractured people.There’s ambition and despair. There’s “that angry air that hangs over so many.”And yes, she’s always wanted to be in the business.“I grew up on sound stages with my dad,” she said. Don Seagall had a successful decade, writing comedy scripts; his daughter savored it all. Read more…

Once a blissful “late bloomer,” Groban is a powerhouse singer with new PBS special

A brief sampling — Josh Groban singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at Madison Square Garden — makes one thing clear: This powerhouse singer is in the hands of skillful TV people. Groban’s concert is Monday on most PBS stations, a key element to their pledge drives.

For Josh Groban, this all happened in a sudden swoosh.

He was, he says, a teen-ager with a “blissful naivete,” belting out show tunes at home and in class. Suddenly, he was with two important Davids (Foster and Kelley) and a Rosie (O’Donnell). He became a music star and now a key to the latest pledge drive. Read more…