Day: June 26, 2022

Best-bets for June 28: Crises in super-fiction and in real life

1) “Superman & Lois” season-finale, 8 p.m., CW. Remember when Superman seemed invincible? Not any more; Ally Alston has been draining his powers to feed her own, while also merging worlds. Now Chrissy Beppo, the Smallville Gazette editor, has been authorized by the Defense department to tell people the merging of planets is real and happening, Others – including Lois Lane and Lana Lang (the Smallville mayor, shown here) try to save the world. Read more…

A sweet soul triggers a surprise jailbreak

Somewhere inside us, Catherine Bell says, is a dormant delinquent.
“There’s always that idea of: ‘Ooh, what if I broke the rules and did something wild for a moment?!’”
No one would have expected that from Toby Young, the real-life person Bell (shown here) portrays (loosely) in “Jailbreak Lovers,” at 8 p.m. Saturday (July 2) on Lifetime, rerunning at midnight. Read more…