Day: October 10, 2022

Remember light dramas? They’re back (a little)

Let’s call this a micro-mini-trend, a course-adjustment in the TV world:
This fall, a few shows — including “The Rookie: Feds,” shown here — are trying to do it all. They want to be funny, be serious and solve a case each week.
And yes, that used to be commonplace. Writer-producer Scott Prendergast says his show (“So Help Me Todd”) is “a bit of a throwback. My main inspiration is ‘Moonlighting’ and shows like ‘Hart to Hart’ and ‘Remington Steele’ and ‘Simon & Simon.’”
Such shows used to fill TV. Now it’s a pleasant surprise to find three new ones: Read more…

Best-bets for Oct. 12: Frantic night for Archer, Nicky and more

1) “Archer” season-finale, 10 p.m., FXX, repeating at 11:03. It’s been a rough year for Archer. His mom died and the evil Fabian bought the spy firm. Now Slater (voiced, appropriately, by Christian Slater), a CIA guys, is giving orders. Archer hates him, but likes the goal of killing Fabian. It’s a typical “Archer” (shown here in a previous season) – bright and brash, mixing scattered humor and action animation. Read more…

From teen Clark to Grandpa Sam

Tom Welling, once a teen-aged Clark Kent, is about to play a great-grandfather. Well, sort of.
Welling (shown here) will join “The Winchesters” (8 p.m. Tuesdays on CW) later this year. He’ll play Samuel Campbell, the gruff and distant father of Mary Campbell.
Since the show is a prequel, fans know the rest: Mary married John Winchester and begat Sam and Dean Winchester, the demon-hunting heroes in 15 seasons of “Supernatural.” That means Welling’s character is the future grandfather of Sam and Dean and great-grandfather of Dean II and Emma. Read more…