Day: March 3, 2020

Hillary Clinton: “cold myth” and fiery reality

Looking back at a busy life and a lost election, Hillary Clinton summed things up.
“I have been often – in my view, obviously – mis-characterized, mis-perceived,” she said. “And I have to bear a lot of the responsibility for it.”
She was talking to the Television Critics Association in January (shown here), about the documentary (“Hillary”) that debuts Friday (March 6) on Hulu. And she was saying that it’s her fault, partly, that Donald Trump is president. Read more…

Best-bets for March 5: FX has lots of better things

1) “Better Things” season-opener, 10-11:14 p.m., FX. With subtlety and skill, this has the day-to-day lives of Sam (Pamela Adlon, shown here at right), her three daughters and her mother. Now the girls are back from visiting their dad, with fresh requests. One wants a pet; another wants a quinceanera … which you don’t expect in a Jewish family. Sam persists, while working through her own mid-life crisis and her mom’s late-life crises. As always, the result is an appealing mixture of humor, warmth and dismay. Read more…